Frequent questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about our services.

People-Cloud is a solution that offers you process optimization, increasing the productivity of your team through a cloud platform; within which you can evaluate your collaborators in different ways, generate reports on multiple indicators, manage your HR department from recruitment, onboarding of new employees, manage their training, evaluate performance and competencies, to the payment of their payroll.

We manage different plans based on the number of employees and modules. People Cloud is a monthly license per employee, our plans are fully modular. You can hire modules and submodules based on your needs.
We can send you an RFP where the modules and sub modules come with their descriptions and scope. In general we cover the main pillars: planning and organization, administration, retention, recruitment and incorporation, employee portal, payroll calculation, payroll maquila
No, People-Cloud is a software as a service (SAAS), that is, we sell an assembled product and we cannot make modifications because it is the same tool that is used for the entire community that works with us.
There is no penalty. Contracts can be canceled with 30 days notice
Having your database correct, the implementation is scheduled to last from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the number of contracted modules.
Yes, we can make you a personalized plan, depending on your needs.
Our system is intuitive, it is implemented in a practical way, we provide personalized training in each of the contracted modules. We accompany you on your way to production and send you support materials for better support: We record all training sessions, we have manuals, videos and infographics for use that can support you at any time.
It is a standardized way to measure and understand different areas of behavior and personality of your collaborators, in order to obtain the best results in your company. We have more than 10 tests with no limit of use
It is a tool that helps you visualize the talent of your collaborators, as well as their areas of opportunity, supported by performance evaluations and 360°
We offer a 100% cloud-based tool that covers most human resources processes: Planning and organization, administration, retention, recruitment and incorporation, employee portal, payroll calculation, payroll maquila
Yes, there are modules that are required for the system to function properly. It is what we call the Basic Plan and it can be with payroll or without payroll.
All our prices are in MXN pesos. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually by bank transfer or credit card.
The system is updated to stamp with version 4.0, which is released in March, but we have version 3.9 as well, and all stamps are included in your monthly payroll module payment.
Yes. Here are some of the deliverables of the Self-management payroll calculation module, mass upload of Unlimited Stamping incidents, Banking Layout, Disability Registry, Alimony , Loans, Infonavit Payroll Reports (Line List, Accumulated, Net, Stamping) , Export of IMSS-IDSE-SUA Movements
There is a plan that has some basic human resources processes + Payroll module that costs $79 pesos per month per employee
Yeah. We have a team of experts that does the assembly and also gives you access to all the modules of the People Cloud Human Resources platform
$240 pesos per month per employee. It includes the assembly service of a team of experts, the platform with all the People Cloud modules, unlimited stamps, reports, among other things. You can talk to some of our specialists to learn more about this service
In payroll maquila, we have an expert team that performs your calculations and has the complete HR system for your operation. With payroll self-management, we configure, make parallels and train you so that you are the owner of the calculation process.
Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Central Mexico time. We have an 800 number, chat or email to support your questions.
The demo is totally free and without any commitment to hire us
If you manage most of your processes manually, with spreadsheets, emails, paperwork, etc. then People Cloud is for you. You can schedule a free demo with one of our sales executives to learn more.
Yes, we have several modalities: virtual timer by GPS, massive uploads, integrations with ZKteco watches
Our recruitment and incorporation module has a requisitions section, through which you can upload your vacancies and post them in 3 ways, within your people cloud portal, in our internal pool and in the agreements we have (each has its policies)
We have an app available, with exclusive use for attendance registration, notifications. We are developing a new version with more features.

We offer you the best HR System
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