The PeopleCloud Payroll module helps you keep track of the calculation and payment of salaries and wages, as well as being up to date with worker-employer obligations; It also facilitates the issuance and stamping of the payroll CFDI. Manage your payroll and comply with all legal obligations on time with People-Cloud Payroll.



Processing your payroll Weekly, biweekly, fourteenth or as appropriate, based on incidents, generating payroll lists and receipts per person
Registrations, re-entries, salary modifications and withdrawals of personnel before the IMSS
Generation of additional payrolls such as Savings Fund, Bonus and Bonuses
Specials, Viatical Payrolls and PTU
Layout towards the main Electronic Banking systems
Remote access to the payroll and/or human resources system
Automatic System Updates
CFDI stamping
Delivery of information by employee
Monthly Accounting Policy
Monthly and annual Accumulated Report
Changes that the tax authorities require (IMSS, SAR, ISR, etc.)
List of withholdings for ISR and Wage Subsidy
State tax calculation
Annual tax adjustment of article 116 (LISR)

*Comparative table for illustrative purposes. Market study with publicly accessible information, carried out by PeopleCloud at the beginning of 2023. Subject to change without prior notice. PeopleCloud is not responsible for the final decision of the user or buyer.

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